About Us


Wameedh is a scientific club at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics engineering at Boumerdes, Algeria. The club was established on April 2015 by a group of students at the institute. The club focus is pure technical, so its members can work on a variety of hardware or software based projects.

Since the first days of its creation, the club received help from some teachers and students as equipment and expertises, thus despite the short time, we were able to make some projects that shows the insistence of the students.


It started with Ilyas Hamadouche and a group of 14 students that worked together to create the club. We chose two professors to be the supervisors of Wameedh, they were a great help to us, especially in guiding the club towards better goals, those are:

A. Mohamed Sahnoun
A professor at IGEE since December 1981, in Computer Engineering and a CCNA instructor at the institute and local school at Boumerdes. His main study area is Applied Robotics.

Dr. Abdelmadjid Recioui
A professor at IGEE, in Telecommunications Engineering and Electronics Engineering. His main study area is Telecommunications Engineering.