1.1 Name: The name by which the club shall be known is “Wameedh scientific club”.
1.2 Purpose: The club has been created to give a space for students to apply theoretical knowledge in technical projects and research for the goal of spreading knowledge and preparing for work life.


2.1 Eligibility: Any student from the Institute of electrical and electronics engineering (IGEE) that shows interest and willing to learn and be active is qualified to register to the club.
2.2 Selection: Students who want to join are accepted on the condition that there is enough places and decision of acceptance by the staff of the club. Members also can be selected by invitation or proposition from supervisors.
2.2.1 If the number of members is insufficient a public notice of recruitment will be displayed.
2.3 Removal: A member can be removed due to a resignation letter or for bad behavior or non-engagement in the club activities for long time upon the agreement of 2/3 of the staff of the club. Following this decision, no certificate shall be given.
2.4 Meetings: Members can be called for a public meeting if needed. Staff will have regular special meetings, though they can be called for an irregular meeting by the president or his associates.

General Law:

3.1 The internal law should be provided for all members, as well as the club’s annual plans.
3.2 Any member that does not respect these laws is risking removal from the club.
3.3 In case of absence from a mandatory session for more than 3 times in a period of one month, that will be considered as resignation of the member.
3.4 In case of new urgent affairs, the president and his staff can make a meeting, any changes should be made public to members after that.
3.5 Planning of short term projects should take place each month.
3.6 Each month an activity should be done (project, presentation…etc.).
3.7 Recruitment of members and staff at the beginning of each year, and the president until the year’s end.

Internal law:

4.1 Prohibition of locking the club’s door with members inside.
4.2 All equipments should be removed from power and returned to place when finished.
4.3 Members should take all safety measures (ground, fuse…etc.), caution from metallic equipments.
4.4 The club is for work, so no work unrelated stuff are allowed.
4.5 Any project, or new project ideas have to be allowed by the president first.
4.6 Members can add new projects if it does not affect the annual plan and president acceptance.
4.6 Members should be careful with components and preserve them.
4.7 Project status have to be submitted in a period of at most each 2 weeks by the supervisors.
4.8 Every project done in the club is open source, so the software source codes should be uploaded to the club’s Github account.
4.9 The printer and internet access in the club are exclusively for projects work and education purposes.

Club Structure:

5.1 The president: represents the club and its vision, and manages the entire club.
5.2 The vice president: works with the president and represent him if he’s unavailable.
5.3 The Human resources manager: keeps trace of members and their work and solve conflicts.
5.4 The communication manager and Webmaster: manages communications and  the social networks and the club’s website.
5.5 The treasurer and inventory manager: manages the club’s financial resources and the components’ inventory.
5.6 The event manager: prepares for the different events and presentations.
5.7 The external relations manager: searches for sponsors and represent the club outside the university.


These Bylaws can be at any time changed by the president of the club and his associates with 2/3 of votes of club’s staff. A notice stating the change then should be published or given to members of the club.