Wameedh with TechLab for Kids


“TechLab for Kids”” is a scientific initiative organized in collaboration with Wameedh club and “El irchad w Islah” association to introduce technology and Electrical & Electronics engineering to school students. Wameedh sci-club took a great part in the event by giving lessons and workshops, besides building circuits prototypes for kids.

Starting the event, the kids were introduced to different concepts of electricity; voltage, current, open and closed circuits using analogies that are suitable for their level of education. Then they got their hands dirty with components like resistors, LEDs and Arduino board, lucky them !

Arduino workshop:

Kids learn quickly, they got familiar with Arduino and its flow of instructions as several blinking LEDs examples with a translation to Arabic were studied. At the end of the workshop, the kids implemented a Traffic Light Prototype as an assignment and honestly some were really good at it.

It was a great experience, we hope to organize more events like this to spread knowledge and our vision nationwide.


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